Mandalas - An inner journey for human transformation and sustainable living

Exploring inner talents and aspirations

Densifying life within and creating space for vibrant experiences


Knowing what is essential and navigating the world with clarity


Céline designs and paints Intuitive Mandalas from her encounters with the sacred arts of world civilisations and as part of her engagements for human development and sustainable living on Earth. In her workshops, she journeys with those that wish to densify their humanity and relationship with the world. 

Intuitive Mandalas are an adventure, an exploration within. Participants walk towards their own nature and aspirations. There is silence and contemplation - Shapes, perspectives and colours emerge...


Photos by Lorraine Vetsch

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The richness and potentialities of ideas and actions lie within humanity´s tenacious propensity to explore and to make sense of new territories.