Impromptu - Art Gallery

Photographs and Videos


The Impromptu - Art Gallery is an open window into the world of unintentional photographs that I have discovered with much bewilderment in my international reporting work. Abstract or more figurative, they seem suspended in time and space in the immediacy of the relationship that they entertain with ´reality`.

Which reality? They present rich textures and the artistic qualities of spontaneity - surprising, triggering imagination, redefining our lenses to the world, and making visible a rather puzzling `here and now` dimension.

Above all, these unintentional photographs have repeatedly caught my attention as they raise intriguing questions on our relationships to art forms and to the density of the world around and within: Could we be the subjects, the audience and/or the actors of an extra-ordinary space-time reality that reaches us via impromptu photographs?


As a World Explorer, I pay attention to details and to the qualities of the environments that unravel before my eyes. Special and suspended instants in my journeys defy a rather dynamic pace of life. Then, there is a zest of poetry, a new density in the air, and the equilibrium of ecosystems where matter and elements mingle with beauty.