Pragmatic idealism into action… My motivations are to create meaningful pathways and intersections between civilizations, to connect the dots between institutional mandates, communities and people, and to build dynamic environments for knowledge generation and action on sustainable development and the SDGs. As an interpreter and facilitator, I catalyze forces-talents and direct them towards individual and group cohesion, engagement and transformation. I have worked with UN agencies (UNESCAP, UNDP, UNODC) in Bangkok, Thailand, and with the higher education sector in Europe and North America. My work is at the intersection of human-planet-system dynamics and actualizes sustainability concepts.

As an evidence

The story behind Nexus Humani… It is at the peak of life-changing expeditions and encounters in the densely populated and remote areas of Southeast Asia and North America that Nexus Humani was born in 2009. The richness and complexities of civilizations unfolding before my eyes brought me to ask: How to make sense of humanity´s heritage, common threads and strengths in today´s demand for a sustainable paradigm change?  As a project-enterprise, Nexus Humani weaves and impulses human-planet-system dynamics from ideation to action.

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Facilitation, group cohesion, knowledge generation
Multi-stakeholder engagement, partnership building
Cross-pollination, change management
Translating concepts into actions across sectors