Céline Artal

World Explorer and Founder of Nexus Humani

Pragmatic idealism into action… My motivations are to create meaningful pathways and intersections between civilisations, to connect the dots between institutional mandates, communities and people, and to build dynamic environments for knowledge generation and actions for Earth protection.

While journeying into the world and learning from indigenous peoples and diverse civilisations and environments, I have come to understand that today´s biggest challenge is to redefine the contour of the people-planet paradigm with ambitious human transformation goals and far-reaching partner ecosystems. Above all, we, as humans, must have the courage, the humility and the determination to deeply look into the ideologies and belief systems that have a destructive effects on our unique and awe-inspiring home, the Earth.

Nexus Humani´s consulting and experiential learning interventions for Earth protection are a modus operandi for change and transformation that integrate indigenous insights and teachings on the sacredness of the people-planet-cosmos axis.

I thrive in multicultural, ambitious, forward-looking and creative professional environments.

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“The human development, experiential and solution-oriented perspectives of Céline Artal’s ´SDG Simulation Hubs´ prepare our students to become actors of change in sustainability, to apply their knowledge to real-life situations and to craft strategic plans for concerted actions.”

Prof. Dr. Maik Adomßent Prof. Dr. Maik Adomßent, Complementary Studies Programme, Leuphana University, Lüneburg, Germany

´Céline ran two informed, intelligent, fun, stimulating, interactive and successful days of negotiations. She created an energetic and enthusiastic environment. She presented new content, highlighting real-life challenges and helped our Master´s students in developing their thinking, logic and reasoning skills.´

Karen E. Makuch, Lecturer in Environmental Law, Centre for Environmental Policy, Imperial College London, Great Britain

“I am convinced that Ms Céline Artal ́s SDG Simulation Hubs and approaches provide the education sector – and beyond – with the tools, methods and synergies to ultimately deliver sustainable development.”

Prof. Dr. Sarah Jastram Dr. Jürgen Chair of International Business Ethics and Sustainability, Dept. Strategy and Leadership, Hamburg School of Business Administration, Germany

“My students and I at HEC Montreal thoroughly enjoyed your presentations on the Human Development Index and the work of “PNUD”. Not only were the presentations very informative and thought provoking but the delivery was very well done as well. We hope to have you again as a guest speaker in our International Affairs Program.”


Dr. Marìa Morfìn-Gutiérrez Maître d'enseignement en affaires internationales, HEC Montréal, Québec

“Céline is an extraordinary professional with extraordinary dedication and warm heart. Her contributions to the Women and Wealth Project have been beyond anybody’s expectations, leading to the continuous engagement of a world-class volunteer foundation and the subsequent empowerment of women living with HIV. Without doubt, Céline will be a tremendous asset to any institution seeking a highly-qualified professional who brings genuine values.”

Mr. Uji Kazuyuki HIV/AIDS Practice Team, UNDP, Regional Centre in Bangkok, Thailand

“Ms Céline Artal´s Third Sector Seminar and SDG Simulations have received the highest rating among all other lectures of our programme. She has excellent empathy for the specific needs of the students and has provided us with valuable and constructive feedback for the future development of our curriculum.”

Prof. Dr. Friederike Edel HTW University of Applied Sciences, Berlin, Germany