Nexus Humani is an international freelance agency-project that raises awareness, addresses ideological knots, motivates change, advocates for human-environment resilience, and that builds capacities via experiential learning initiatives. It creates and supports dynamic partner ecosystems for sustainable living on Earth.

Nexus Humani was born in 2009 from a series of life-changing experiences with indigenous peoples and world civilisations, and from my engagements with UN and higher education partners in Asia, Europe and North America.  

Within the scope of its featured interventions - Special EditionsIntegrated Consulting and Experiential Learning Model and SDG Simulation Hubs - Nexus Humani delivers forward-looking experiential education programmes and consulting services that fully integrate indigenous insights and teachings on Earth protection.

I work with UN, higher education, NGO and business partners, and am now concentrating on documentary filmmaking for education and advocacy purposes with media partners. More about me...




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