Change Management and Synergies Consulting

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Creating pathways and connecting people across sectors

Leveraging human and leadership potentials towards embodied visions-actions

Managing change and supporting partners in transition processes

From global actions to everyday life, SDG implementation calls for a common vision, clear directions and the alignment of human and institutional capacities. Our sense of purpose and connection to the SDG language, values and scope of work, combined with effective processes, give the strength to tackle today´s most pressing challenges - climate change, water scarcity and food insecurity.

With this in mind, Nexus Humani empowers people, teams and institutions with the skills and tools to relate to and to deliver the SDGs in their work environments and in programme activities. Above all, its flagship interventions provide a modus operandi that motivates engagements, change and positive impacts.


Getting up to speed with SDG implementation            

Building on extensive international management and capacity building experiences in Asia, Europe and North America, Nexus Humani closely works with partners to craft action plans and processes for SDG intregration and implementation. It also weaves and supports transdisciplinary and action-oriented networks for change in fast-changing world realities.  

From targeted action plans to far-reaching synergies, Nexus Humani guides change management and transitions. It ensures that human resources and institutional capacities are able to respond to the human, humanitarian and environmental challenges induced by climate change, water sarcity and food insecurity worldwide. 



Making sense of the SDGs and getting traction at all levels

The SDG Simulation Hubs are world-connected and experiential learning environments that foster SDG awareness, as well as human and institutional development, preparedness and resilience. Focus areas include climate change, sustainable water management, food security and sustainable consumption.

As part of simulation-based training and team challenges, participants grow their skills in inclusive leadership, change management, negotiations and multi-stakeholder engagement. They apply their newly acquired knowledge, skills and tools in real-life situations and action planning for change.

Nexus Humani´s integrated cycle of capacity building (Hubs) and consulting in change management, decision-making processes and synergies development empowers people and systems to take on today´s human, humanitarian and environmental challenges.


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