Cross-pollination and organic management

Creating pathways and connecting people across sectors

Leveraging potentials and engaging multiple stakeholders

Managing projects and building capacities for the SDGs

Building on international management and capacity building experiences in Asia, Europe and North America, Nexus Humani weaves transdisciplinary networks and work environments that engage UN, business, higher education and NGO actors into cutting-edge SDG initiatives. 

The goals are to generate knowledge and innovative actions from the intersections that exist between disciplines, visions and mandates, and to address sustainable development challenges in a concerted manner. 

From far-reaching dialogues to the design and implementation of targeted action plans, Céline Artal, Founder, Nexus Humani, facilitates, engages and builds capacities to substantiate the transformative dynamics of the SDGs. 

The richness and potentialities of ideas and actions lie within humanity´s tenacious propensity to explore and to make sense of new territories.  

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