Nexus Humani - Special Editions


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Densifying life within and creating space for vibrant experiences


Knowing what is essential and navigating the world with clarity

The Special Editions - Ecosystems have emerged from my worldwide journeys and explorations of the sacredness of art forms and First Nations´wisdoms, and from my insatiable curiosity for taste and cooking traditions. 

The Sacred Art and the Poetry of Food Tasting Editions bring to you experiential and meditative workshops that empower with a greater sense of humanity in connection to the Earth for sustainable living. 

Why `Ecosystems`? To acknowledge the interrelated dynamics - Earth/environment, human, socio-cultural, sacred - that shape reality and that hold the potentials and impulses for a paradigm change. 

The Special Editions complement the human development and sustainable living axes of Nexus Humani´s initiatives, SDG Simulation Hubs and Change Management and Synergies


Sacred Art Edition - Mandalas as Ecosystems

I design-paint Mandalas from my immersion, research work and learning experiences in the sacred art forms of world civilisations and in First Nations´wisdoms, especially as related to the Balckfeet and Navajo Nations of the United States, and to the Cree Nation of Canada.

My main focus? The sacredness of humanity and of its relationship to the Earth and beyond. I focus on interpreting the threads that unify world civilisations and peoples via the sacred geometry of mandalas. It remains for me a life-changing experience.  

The making of Mandalas is a meditative process that unravels individuals´ inner ecosystems and realities while connecting them to a vibrant space of creation. In silence and contemplation, shapes and colours emerge as well as clarity and a new density of being. 

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Poetry of Food Tasting - Ecosystems of Taste


The Special Edition, Poetry of Food Tasting, gives a human face and a zest of poetry to the tasting of specialty products, including coffee, tea and honey that originate from sustainable practices. It is about connecting to the people, their lands and their know-hows.

At a time when humanity must re-shape its relationship to the Earth and anchor its own existence into greater values of environmental sustainability, Ecosystems of Taste brings awareness on the human, socio-economic and environmental dynamics that are at play, for instance, in your cup of coffee. Poetry mingles with awareness.

In workshops and interactive sessions, I partner with independent and local experts. We take you on a lively journey into the world of food tasting in connection with local lives, passions and realities.

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